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Kyne Hodges, MFT

Sorting through our own thoughts and feelings can be a struggle at times. We get bogged down with work, personal life, commitments  and events, and we realize that our little ones are struggling too. It’s hard enough to work through our own selves, and often even more so when trying to help our little ones work through theirs, with their limited vocab and life experience to categorize and verbalize their thoughts and feelings.

Kids communicate through the world in the first language they learned: the language of playing. Through games of pretend and storytelling and art, kids express themselves in ways we don’t always expect. Play therapy helps kids tell their stories, filter through big thoughts and feelings, and express themselves to deepen the connection and understanding between parent and child. You are you child’s biggest support, sometimes you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Kynathan (Kyne, he/him) is a master’s level therapist who received his Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lee University. He works primarily with children and families, focusing on helping children and parents alike through play therapy, art therapy, and family therapy to address issues such as anxiety, depression, spirituality, behavioral difficulties, and trauma. He works with the entire family system to ensure that change doesn’t solely happen in the therapy room, but that its effects carry through to the family dynamic long after you depart.

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