Jamelia Knox, MS, MFT

Life comes with many difficulties and challenges, and those difficulties feel more intense when we are facing them alone. Jamelia’s goal in  therapy is to offer support as you navigate through some of life’s challenges. 

Jamelia is a systems-thinker and approaches therapy with the view that a person is more than just who they are today. She treats every person and their situation unique to any other, knowing that their personal life experiences, values, spiritual beliefs, race, sexual orientation, and other factors helped shape the person they are today and how that person views and interacts with the world.

Communication is an imperative part of our human interaction.  Unfortunately, there are times where miscommunication is damaging – often leading to larger issues including hurt, loneliness, and emotional wounds. In these cases, Jamelia takes an Emotionally-Focused therapy approach. This therapeutic approach centers around emotional identity and encourages healing through healthier communication to your significant other.


Jamelia currently sees individuals, couples, and families. While she has particular interest in treating couples, she also specializes in therapy with depression, anxiety, grief, childhood/adolescent difficulties and relationship challenges.  

Counseling Specialties

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