Michelle Hilleke, MAMFT

Michelle Hilleke, MAMFT

Parenting can be overwhelming and confusing. From desiring parenting skills to working through a diagnosis, I am trained to offer you a highly researched therapy with very high success rates called Parent Child Interaction Therapy. This therapy includes parents in the entire process, making it empowering to the whole family and has even shown to generalizes to untreated siblings. Also, it is a brief therapy, which makes it extremely cost effective. This therapy working with children exhibiting severe behavioral problems, but has proven effective with ADHD, anxiety, trauma, attention-seeking behaviors, separation anxiety and a host of other issues.

I am master’s level Marriage and Family Therapist, and I enjoy working with clients across the lifespan beginning from age 2. I also am a trained marital therapist and enjoy teaching communication skills and helping clients enhance their relationship.

Last, I have significant training in cross-cultural transitions and adjustment, specifically working with Third Culture Kids and the Globally Mobile. Most of all, I believe that the therapy experience should be one which is built on a positive, empathic relationship with a therapist.

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